The video that started it all! Power, emotion, and musicality all gently wrapped into one visually stunning video  ❤️

Good Morning Misery

A song dedicated to the ones we lost near and dear to our hearts. You might want to grab a box of tissues for this one  ❤️

One Day

A song dedicated to all our dreamers out there. Never stop pursuing your dreams and never let anyone tell you otherwise  ❤️

Until Forever

Have you ever wanted to quit, give up, or give in to the belief that you aren't good enough? This song is for you!  ❤️


Are you ready for war? Everyday we go to war with our demons. Back and fourth taunting our minds to make choices we ultimately regret. Don't let them win. Let them know you won't just go to battle- you'll go to war  ❤️


The acoustic closing track off our debut Anchors album. Somber and sweet- let the melody carry you away  ❤️

Summer Sun

Oh summer time, how much we love you. Bonfires, starry night skies, and that special someone always make a perfect scenario even better  ❤️


There's always that one person in life that'll stab you in the back. In time, the wounds will heal but the scar will always show  ❤️


Some people will try to drag you down, weigh you down, and keep you down. You don't need their anchors!  ❤️

These Streets

"Just know they'll eat you alive on these streets"  ❤️

Talk is Cheap

"Talk is cheap! I've had enough! I'm too broke! And times are tough!"  ❤️


Love can be a fickle thing sometimes. It can be immense with the flames of passion one day and then the next can turn into a smoldering ember- one cold wind away from being blown out. To anyone who's loved someone so much you had to let them go- this song is for you  ❤️


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