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Like fire on the first day
Higher than a jet plane
I never knew that it could feel this way
I was too far gone
I was too far in
And I didn’t see it coming
But our love was just too steep

and I
Before I knew it I was in too deep
I shoulda
Shoulda known
You were wrong
In the worst way

In the worst way
In the worst way
I’m gonna walk away

You make me wanna scream
End it all and leave
Strike the match and burn our names
In flames
You'll forever be
In misery

Set fire to the airwaves
Every word that you say
Is never ever worth the time of day
You wrote a lot of lies
Trying to cash in
And I shoulda seen it coming
Our love was just too deep
And now
Your drowning in a sea of misery
I shoulda

shoulda known you were wrong in the worst way


In the worst way

In the worst way

I'm gonna make you pay

Go on and light the fire

just to watch it burn

go on an light the fire

you're gonna get what you deserve

You make me want a scream

It's like a bad dream


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