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Want to be part of an upcoming Eva Under Fire music video? Do you know somebody who would? We are also looking for a couple locations too. This will be shot in Southeast Michigan on 3/31 and 4/1. Please send your information to

Looking for:


**Lead Actress** Must look 16 to 18 years old, but be 18+ in real life for liability reasons

Looking for rocker girl, has acting experience with drama.

**Male Boyfriend** Same age and look as girl.  Must be age 18+ but look 16-18.

**Parents** - Woman and Man / must look a late 30's or 40’s. Also need to have acting experience with drama. Couple preferred.


Rooftop - couple stories minimum.

School or school yard area.

House - Early 80’s or older, ideally dark walls with access to a bedroom that looks like a 17 year old's bedroom, and bathroom.

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